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You can join as a team or Individual player.

Next season is our WINTER/SPRING season. Games in the Summer league start mid May 2017 games on Thursday nights .

All games are at the Rinx 65 Orfus Road or Vaughan Sportsplex

Cost to register per team is $2750 or Individual registration is $195 per player plus cost of jersey.

12 games guaranteed!

No Door fees in the CO-ED program.

Special note is our Summer league (starts May 2017)is played on Thursday/Friday nights at the Rinx-65 Ofus Road.

There will also be some games at Vaughan Sportsplex 2 (Keele and HWY 7)

Forms needed to be filled out to register.

Either e-mail completed forms to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fax to 905-883-0492

Team form:


Individual form- if more then one player, fill out two per form and other forms state person name you want to be on same team with



Contact us today if you want a spot as a IND player in our summer season

Here is the link to the schedule:


Send us a e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want on a team in our Fall/Winter League!!!

NOTE:  All same rules apply for Co-Ed as for the Men leagues except for the following:

1. Arena format 5 v 5, plus a goalie.  At all times, there must be 2 women on the arena pad at all times. If 2 women are not available, the team will have to play short handed.  If at any time the remaining woman gets injured, or can no longer play, the team will default and the other team will be granted the win, regardless if the game has started.

2. If a penalty occurs during the play, the format must still be 2 women on the arena floor, even if the woman is the player getting the penalty.

3.  If your goalie is a woman, your team still needs to field 2 women on the arena floor at all times.  Women goalies do not count as one of the 2 women players on the arena floor.

4.  Scoring:  If a woman player scores, instead of the team getting 1 goal posted on the scoreboard, the team will be awarded 2 goals for that woman player scoring. For Example, if a woman scores at the game is tied at 0 to 0, the score will then show as 2 to 0.

5.  All Full-time / Part-Time players must play 2 games during the regular season in order to qualify to play in any play-off games.


1.     In the event of a tie after overtime, resulting in penalty shots, 3 player shoot-out, 1 of the shoot-out players must be a girl shooter (ie. male, female, male).  After the 3 players has taken place and there is still a tie, teams will shoot one player at a time to determine a winner.  The 4th shoot-out player must be a female, 5th shooter a man, 6th shooter a female, 7th shooter a male, etc.

2.  If a female scores in a shoot-out it is only counted as 1 goal not as    2 goals.  All players must take a turn in the shoot-out before a player who has already taken a shoot-out can can shoot again.

3.  If you goalie is a woman, you can not change goalies in overtime and/or in a shoot-out.


Men:  No slapshots above the waist are allowed. If a slapshot is taken above the waist, the whistle will be blown resulting in a dead ball and a face off will result.  This is strictly for safety reasons.

Mandatory Equipment: 

Women - CSA approved helmet with full cage, hockey gloves and hockey stick, soccer shin guards are recommended but not mandatory.

Men - CSA approved helmet (visor or no cage is acceptable), hockey gloves and hockey stick.

Goalies must be in full equipment. Goalies must supply thier own equipment.

No plastic sticks.

There will be no fighting tolerated.  Any disrespectful behaviour or fighting, the player will be ejected from the game and suspended for the next scheduled game.

Only players registered in the league may play. 

All teams make the play-off's, this could change without notice.

Respect the game, play fairly and follow its rules and regulations.

Demonstrate good sportsmanship before, during and after games to opposing teams and treat all players and officials with respect.

Show modesty when successful and be gracious in defeat.


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